– God

We Are Uniquely Connecting Women to
God's Purpose for Their Life


Understand the truth of your identity and value in Christ through Biblical teaching.  You are loved, right now!  As you are, today!


You are never alone.  Stand in the truth of your acceptance & significance, knowing the Lover of your soul holds you in the palms of His hands.


Step into your true identity in real-time, the truth of who you are –  and whose you are – displayed in your personal life, your home and your business.  You matter! 

We believe EVERY Woman

 is Worthy & has a 

God-Designed Purpose

Connect with women, just like you, 

that are stepping into freedom, purpose & confidence, 

and making a difference in the world.

The Gift Stack

"God, just tell me what I'm supposed to do, and I will do it!"

Do you find yourself having this conversation? So at the end of your rope, so tired of what is, but not really clear on what is next?

If someone could just tell you - "Here, do this and it will all work out", you would happily step towards that.

In The Gift, You Don't Have to Figure It All Out by Vicki Brawner, she shares the six steps God walked her through to connect to the purpose and the gifts of identity and freedom.

"Beloved, you are enough."

Imagine a world where women deeply understood their identity, value and worth.

Imagine a world that knew the truth of what God says about you, and He always believes and says, "You are enough". Imagine uncovering your unique purpose through God's lens and having the support of other like-minded women in the uncovering, discovery and launching into that purpose. We do imagine it, and it is amazing. Join the community and learn how.

For where two or more are gathered . . .

There is something that happens when women are gathered to praise, serve and support.

When the Holy Spirit floods a place and fills the atmosphere, God moves His people. Hearts are healed, Peace is found, Purpose is revealed, Worth is confirmed.

And when you gather at a You Are Worthy event, you leave with a community of like-minded women that supports your journey and celebrates your unique purpose. Whether it's an intimate retreat, a large conference or an impact trip, you won't want to miss it.

Who are we?




We are Mothers, Daughters, Wives, Sisters . . . just like you, on life’s journey to discovering our true value and worth gifted to us through the ultimate sacrifice of love – the exchange of Jesus’ life for ours.   

So, let’s straighten our crowns, (afterall, as daughters of the King, we are all princesses) and step into the life He has planned for us. True freedom. 

Won’t you join us?

Vicki Brawner, Director


“You have crowned me with love and mercy.” Psalm 103:4