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Uniquely connecting women to the life God has planned for them

"There is such joy in walking together, lifting each other up to the Lover of our Souls, and loving each other well"

Every Woman Needs


Understand the truth of your identity and value in Christ through Biblical teaching


Step into your true identity in real-time: the truth of who you are & whose you are displayed in your personal life, your home and your business


You are never alone.  Connect with women just like you that are stepping into freedom and confidence, and making a difference in the world.

You are invited on a journey - let's discover who you are in the eyes of the Lover of your soul.   The One who knows you inside and out, and celebrates YOU!

Let's leave behind shame and unworthiness & boldly live the life God has planned for us!

How it Works

The Gift

There's a place deep inside each of us that wants to be loved.  Truly loved.  Accepted.  Understood.  This Six-Week Guide starts with the truth of our identify in Christ, and  shows a journey where we don't have to figure it all out ourselves.

Personal & Spiritual Development And Community

God has brought us together as we dig deep into His love for us.  As iron sharpens iron, inside the You Are Worthy Program, we laugh, we cry, we discuss, and we lead as we grow in community in our understanding of His identity for us.  

Come inside, find your crown and share the journey

Business Strategy & Coaching

Image a world where woman deeply understood their value, worthy and the power of their love.  Image a world where this identity was translated into every business, transaction and interaction.


Whether it's a culminating event of your identity journey or the first step onto the path, we understand that the way through your head to your heart, is through your hands.  

Join us as we straighten our crowns and partner with In Motion Ministries to find our adventures

Hi!  We are . . . 
Marci & Vicki

Who are we?  We are just like you.  We are Mothers, Daughters, Wives, Sisters . . . that struggled to understand our value and worthy.  We knew that God, our Father, loved us so much that He sent His Son for our salvation.  But maybe . . . just maybe we weren't in the right line, or maybe . . . just maybe we just weren't quite good enough to receiving the promises and blessings of the Father.  

But - now we know better.  And when you know better, you do better - right?  

And now, God has called us to straighten our crowns and help you find yours, because He has created us all to step into the life He has planned for us.  

Won't you join us?

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and get access to

"The Gift" Bible Study with the author, Vicki Brawner

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