Creative Fellowship – Tend Your Garden

If I am thrashing things around in my head—creativity stops!

Gardening has become a time for me to rest.  When I begin to work among my plants, I find that I don’t think so much and can let my mind just be quiet.  It is a way for my soul to be rejuvenated. 

Weeds do not need any care to grow, but healthy plants need good soil, sunshine, water and nutrients.

How do you tend your creativity so that it is a flourishing garden?

Get involved with people who are in the same line of creativity as you are.  Check out local events or classes in your area.  Watch YouTube, read magazines, books and go to museums, fairs, craft shows.  Study how other people are creative even if it is not something that you do.

Some years ago, my friend and I were leaving a hotel where we had been in a meeting.  I noticed a man sitting on the curbing of the sidewalk up ahead of us.  Even from a distance I could see that his head, neck and arms were covered in tattoos.  As I passed him, I greeted him, asked him how he was and then continued walking.  My friend stopped and began to engage him in a conversation.  “Tell me about your art,” she began.  He explained they were his own designs and the meaning behind them.  As I waited and listened in on the conversation, I learned a valuable lesson that day.  I knew my friend personally didn’t care for tattoos, but as an artist who is continually learning, she took the time to talk to him about something that meant a lot to him, and she gained a new appreciation for tattoos. 

A few days later I was sitting at a table in a crowded room and the person close by had a beautiful clipper ship tattooed on each forearm.  Remembering my friend, I had the boldness to ask if I could look more closely at his artwork.  It led to a great conversation and I grew a little more as an artist that day.

I am fortunate to live about 30 minutes away from a unique walking nature trail.  The person who created the trail had included many beautiful sculptures and creative structures. Benches are strategically placed so you can sit and contemplate.  Every time I walk there, I am inspired by the beautiful outdoors and the artwork incorporated into the landscape.  Sometimes I take a sketchbook and just allow the quietness to flow through me and see what will end up on my paper.

It is always beneficial to take time out and pay attention to how God is so creative.  The night sky is a marvel, the underside of a leaf is intriguing and how my cat washes his face is amazing.  If you need some fresh inspiration just look around!  Have you ever just held a baby’s hand in yours and looked at all the creases and dimples and wondered about it all?  

Water and feed your creativity.

Get out of your personal world and look inside another person’s arena.

Take time for rest and reflection.

You will begin to blossom!

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