Embracing Your Crown

I am accepted.

“I am God’s Child.” John 1:12 

The Passion Translation puts John 1:12 this way: “But those who embraced Him and took hold of His name were given authority to become children of God.” 

A couple of verses before this talks about the fact that Jesus entered the very world He created, came to the very people He created… and then gave them authority to become His family. Since He is the King of the Kingdom of Heaven (so often spoken about in the New Testament), and He gave us authority to become His children – that means we are Princes and Princesses in this amazing Kingdom. This is a truly powerful authority! Is there anything a prince or princess cannot do?  

Imagine, with me, a kingdom in the fairy tales we have all heard and read as children. Imagine yourself as a prince or princess of that kingdom, and you have mounted your horse for a day of riding. You come upon a village. As you are riding through the streets, you greet the people of the village and they address you properly with their heads bowed and smiles on their faces. They wave at you full of enthusiasm. They respect your authority, you represent the King, and at that moment (or any others), anything you say or do carries the authority of the King. If you choose to change or commend the way things are being done in this village, you would only have to speak the words and watch as the authority you carry causes your decree to happen. Others would put your bidding into action. WOW! That’s authority!

Let’s look at it from where you stand now. You are a child of the King. He gave you authority to become His child. That means you hold everything that comes with inheritance; you hold all the things He paid for when He exchanged His life for yours. You now have the voice of authority to speak life into your own heart as well as those you come in contact with. You no longer have to be stuck in the “way it’s always been”, or “that’s just how it is” mentality. 

You are fully accepted – AS YOU ARE – and carry the authority of the King of Kings in your DNA because you are His child. 

Speak life into the situations you are facing today. Use the voice of authority that is yours because you are a Child of God. 

“Jesus, because you gave me the authority to become your child, I speak life to ______________________.”

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