Do you ever feel insecure? Security is one of our basic human needs.  I found a verse that speaks to this: “I am born of God and the evil one cannot touch me.” 1 John 5:18

Let’s read it in The Passion Translation: “We are convinced that everyone fathered by God does not make sinning a way of life, because the Son of God protects the child of God, and the evil one cannot touch him.”

This strikes me as quite a protection plan!

Do you realize that you really are this secure? Satan cannot touch you!

This simple statement carries the power to set you free from the fears that are holding you back. As we are all aware, our world is facing the pandemic right now with COVID-19, and this has been causing so much fear for people. So – how does this verse apply to all we are facing? 

I like to think of the “evil one” (satan) as a dragon. Sometimes, I need help to get my mind and heart wrapped around things – and a picture or a visual helps a lot! So I often imagine him as a dragon and he is in a huge cage, chained up. He often tries to reach out and grab me, he is blowing fire at me, and it is quite terrifying, honestly. But if I will stop for a moment and realize he is in a cage – he is chained up! He can’t touch me — no matter how loud he is. No matter how hot the fire coming out of his scary mouth is. This verse above says he cannot touch me!  

Friends, can we grasp hold of this truth today? The enemy cannot touch you!

You are totally secure in the hands of a loving Father who has your every moment in His care. Even if this enemy is loud, obnoxious, threatening, lying to you – let’s remember where you are seated. The Bible says you are seated IN CHRIST. We already know that Satan is defeated by Jesus, and even though he is insisting on creating havoc in our lives, he really has no power over us.

Let’s remember who we really are – Princes and Princesses of a Great King who has defeated the dragon and imprisoned him in chains. His fire may be hot, his lies cunning and spoken in a voice we think is our own – but the truth is he is done. Finished. Not our problem. 


“Today, I want to see the enemy in his chains and cage, and not believe the things he is telling me, Instead, I choose to believe the truth of my security in these things: __________________________________________

Thank you, Jesus, for holding me in the palm of Your hand, keeping me safe.”

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